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Marcela Negrini
Our Tropical Bella is Marcela Negrini. Marce, by which she is better known by her friends, loves to do sports, run, go to the gym and it shows in her spectacular figure. Even though you see how fit she is, her beauty takes your breath away.

In her time off she enjoys movies, spending time playing with her dog and reading a good book. She recently we played a role as a judge in the Hawaiian Tropic contest.

Marce studied Business Administration in the Costa Rican University and that's why we can see in this photo shoot a combination of beauty and intelligence showing the best of her in every picture.

With her hypnotizing eyes, she delights us with her splendid presence and great skills of modeling. That is why she is our Tropical Bella, strong, beautiful, indomitable, enchanted, and a fighter.

Photos by Ivan Valverde
Marcela Negrini