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Daniela Bonilla
Our Bella of the week is Daniela Bonilla.

"Sweet D" loves music, art and fashion.

She’s interested in playing with images and the art of flirting, looking always to improve in self projection and creating a fantasy; definitely strong in mind and spirit.

Looking to always improve and make the best out of every situation, she loves animals and finds that you can tell a lot about a person, just by how they act around them.

Even though she was born in Quito, Ecuador, she considers herself a whole hearted Tica, since she has been living in Costa Rica since she was 11 years old and became naturalized about 9 years ago. "So I guess you can say my heart is split in two," she says.

She enjoys running to the beach as often as possible, since the ocean is a bliss-full place for her, she finds there is no feeling like being in the water and feeling very small and grand, all at the same time.

"I guess you can say I try to be sensitive to the universe and do the best I can in this life, while trying to have fun along the way." Support By Boux Avenue  
Daniela Bonilla