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Veronica Mora
Our Bella of the week is Veronica Mora.

Our friend Vero studies Audiology at the University of Santa Paula, this is a career that demands most of her time, but she is extremely dedicated.

Her hobbies are singing and dancing, but she is more passionate about modeling, although these are her first steps in modeling, she showed that she has a great potential for it.

Her physical beauty is even more attractive with he inner beauty, she is a warm person, friendly and always has a big smile on her face. Playing sports is her favorite activity, the result of the constant exercise that you can see in her beautiful body.

Vero captivated the lens of our photographer Ivan Valverde, with her ​​beautiful almond eyes, as Ivan described it, has a mischievous look as a naive and young woman who has a long way to go in the field of modeling, but can get great achievements by her multiple attributes that will open many doors.

She also finds time to spend with friends and family, mainly by going to the beach to relax and rest.

Veronica Mora