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Jireh Vargas
Our Bella of the week is Jireh Vargas Calvo.

Jireh is just starting in modeling, but her gracefulness and confidence made a wonderful image in front of the camera lens.

She surprised us and led us during this session, sweetly, yet showing mischief.

She's a very happy girl, who loves to spend time with her friends, adores going to movies and doing modeling. One of her goals is to participate and positioning herself in gateways inside our country as a model and extend her borders into this profession.

She likes the English language, which she improved so refined it with a scholarship at the American Cultural Center in CR, she did this because she knows that with this learning, it will facilitate her way into the modeling and professional world.

She is now rehearsing for a television pilot program on tourism.

We know that with her ​​charisma Jireh eventually will reach all of her dreams.

Jireh was shot at Poligono de Tiro CDC   firing range.

We thank Mr. Jose Ojeada for his support, patience and willingness.

Jireh Vargas