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Cindy Cascante 2011
Our bella of the week is Cindy Cascante.

Cindy is an artistic painter leading her passion on the next level and studying it in Argentina for 5 years.

Cindy, like every great artist, enjoys a healthy and active way of life in the open air by going to the beach in which she practice boogie boarding and surfing, as well exploring the beauties and mysteries of the sea by scuba diving.

Off course she enjoys photography, and appreciates the art of movies.

Like a good Aquarian she hates routines and is very friendly which highlights some special characteristics of her personality as a caring person.

She demands herself to be better everytime in the photograph sessions that she participates, in these particular one she said that she liked it because of the professionalism of the team work and that made her enjoy it at maximum, every minute of it.

Photos by Ivan Valverde
Cindy Cascante 2011