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Katherine Alfaro
Our Bella of the week is Katherine Alfaro.

At first we could say that Katherine is a bit shy and quiet, she was a little nervous at the beginning of the session, but as the hours went by, she showed us the beautiful, sweet, loving, and great person she is.

Although, as we said, she was little shy at the beginning, when she passed the barrier of being scared, she is an extremely talented girl with a great desire to be better in every way and she has the attributes to build on.

She is very active person, she enjoy spending time with her friends, doing all kinds of activities, for example music and dancing entertains her a lot.

When she wants to find some peace and quietness, she enjoys reading authors such as Isabel Allende and Paulo Cohelo that transport her to a full narrative dream world, that sensitivity has shaped her personality, allowing her to see in a better perception of everything that surrounds her.

She also worries about her future and thats why she is currently studying Special Education and Accounting.

Katherine Alfaro